Backup Disaster Recovery


Your data can reside almost anywhere. With new threats emerging every day, you can’t escape worrying about losing the lifeblood of your business. You need to know you can recover from a disaster and defend against evolving threats like ransomware.
You need all-in-one enterprise backup and business continuity.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple, cost-effective solution that doesn’t add to the complexity of running your business?
With our expertise and an industry leading backup solution, you get enterprise-class backup, ransomware detection, and cloud-based business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) services housed in a powerful, all-in-one appliance-based platform. Which means you can take a break from data loss worries.

Reduced downtime with instant recovery and automated disaster recovery testing means downtime won’t take down your business.
When disaster strikes, we have your back, 24/7/365, delivering:

Quick Recovery From an Outage
Leverage the power of an onsite appliance. Fast local restore and on-prem failover reduces unplanned downtime and makes recovering from an outage near seamless. With a disaster recovery as a service experience you can be back up and running without missing a beat.

Simplified Backup
One appliance, one cloud makes it easy for us to spot and mitigate potential threats to better protect your business.

Intelligent Alerts
Cut the noise. The less time we spend remediating issues, the quicker the resolution. That means a reduced risk of downtime for you. With the power of BackupIQTM, our backup solution of choice leverages artificial intelligence to surface the most important issues, giving you confidence that the most critical issues are always being resolved as efficiently as possible

Increased Uptime
Reduced downtime with instant recovery, ransomware detection, and automated DR testing.

More Confidence
SLA policy automation results in greater recoverability and compliance, making it easier to define, analyze, and report.

Reduce Cost
Less downtime and reduced risk with the simplest and most reliable BCDR solution means more uptime and increases profitability potential.

Acronis Backup Cloud

The #1 Hybrid Cloud Backup-as-a-Service Solution for Service Providers. Canadian Cloud Backup offers industry leading cloud-based solutions designed to safeguard companies’ data and retrieve it should any issues arise. CCB understands the importance (and value) of your internal and customer data and want to ensure it remains intact, secure and accessible.

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